Music Together®


Have you ever witnessed the joy and utter elation on a baby’s face when the music begins to play? Their eyes twinkle, their feet start to kick, they bounce, and smile from ear-to-ear. They hear it and feel it in their bodies from the earliest of ages even from within the womb (a fetus hears by 20 week’s gestation). Have you ever attended a concert or listened to music in the car when you were expecting your first child? Even over the noisy, energetic environment,could you feel yourbaby dancing around inside you when the music started to play?Incredible, right?

It is true what they say that “babies are born musical”! There is so much they absorb and embrace in a melodic experience. It enhances their brain development in the areas of math, literacy, language, and overall sensorimotor integration.

Brainchild Institute is excited to offer Music Together® enrichment classes to enhance your child’s learning potential. This internationally renowned program has been inspiring families for decades and offers opportunities for bonding, social skills development, and emotional interaction between families and friends. If you are familiar with this program, then you know exactly how great it is for your child’s development.If you have never experienced Music Together, we invite you to be our guest for a complimentary demo class and share the magic of music with us.

Please visit our website at Music Together for more details or call 954-987-8887.