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Primary Reflex Integration


What is Primary Reflex Integration and MNRI?

Reflex integration is a process to help a neurological arc that has both a specific stimulus and a predictable response or responses work more efficiently. Primitive reflexes lay the foundation for the nervous system and continue to work in concert with it throughout our lives.

What are Primary Reflexes?

Primary reflexes are fetal and then infant movement reflexes that are critical to the survival of the newborn. When a newborn grasps a finger that is placed in her palm, they are exhibiting a primary reflex. Other examples include the Moro Reflex ( fight or flight reaction), STNR ( the crawling reflex ) and the Palmer Reflex.


Why are Primary Reflexes Important to Our Everyday Living?

They help us survive as infants but the infant reflexes that aren’t integrated successfully can lead to delay in development. If primary reflexes continue late in infancy they can help form issues with concentration, balance, intellectual learning, sensory perception, coordination, fine motor skills and more.


What are the Problems Associated with Primary Reflexes?

Primitive reflexes that are retained after infancy can lead to developmental delays found in developmental disorders such as sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD and learning disabilities.


The Brainchild Institute is proud to be a leader in offering the revolutionary Masgutova Method of Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration (MNRI®). Developed by Russian psychologist and scientist, Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, the MNRI® method features the use of specifically trained techniques directed toward the restoration of the brain’s early neuronal circuits, which are developed through the primary motor system.


These primary movements, described by Dr. Masgutova and others, are sometimes referred to in the literature as “primitive reflexes.” Dr. Masgutova’s techniques are aimed at addressing “reflexes gone astray” to restore the brain’s foundational structure upon which higher level skills such as attention, language, social finesse, and academic learning are built.


Dr. Light testing a baby's foot reflexes


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