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Brainchild Institute 

Brainchild Institute takes an integrative approach to improving hearing, communication, and listening skills through various assessments and interventions. By addressing the root cause of hearing related problems, we offer long term solutions rather than simply targeting symptoms. Dr. Light collaborates with other professionals in the community to provide a unified team effort.


Reach For the Stars!

Play has a beneficial role in every child's growth and development. This allows a child to use their creative senses to connect with the world around them. Playful interactions can foster growth in many areas including gross and fine motor skills, social/emotional regulation, focused attention, and higher academic achievement.


A Helping Hand

The Brainchild Institute was founded in 2000 under the care of Dr. Leah Light. Our goal is to improve a child's overall processing skills rather than focusing on one particular area. All parts of our brains are integrated and interrelated. Like cogs on a wheel, when one cog turns, the others turn, too.  At Brainchild Institute, we recognize that the brain develops in a sequence from the bottom up. If not addressed first, gaps in lower brain areas will delay progress at higher brain levels. 


Hear the World Around you

Hearing is one of our most powerful senses.  It gives children the ability to listen and communicate with the world around them.  Our auditory sense is also connected with our sense of balance.  When hearing problems exist, balance issues may also be present.  Dr. Light emphasizes that hearing problems must be ruled out before addressing other types of issues such as poor speech and motor skills.

More About Dr. Leah Light

All About Timing

Timing is really everything. From waking up in the morning to  meeting important deadlines for school and work, our ability to see, hear, and move in a timely manner are crucial to our success.  At Brainchild Institute, we use several programs to help improve timing imbalances in the brain that can also lead to better focus and attention.

A Warm Welcome From Dr. Leah Light and the Brainchild Institute 

Press play to hear an introduction from Dr. Leah K. Light and the Brainchild Institute


More About Dr. Leah Light 

Dr. Light is the owner and director of the Brainchild Institute. She completed her B.A. in Special Education and her Master of Science and Doctorate (Au.D.) degrees in Audiology. Dr. Light is a certified Core specialist in the Masgutova Method.

 As an audiologist and neurodevelopmental specialist, Dr. Light has participated as a guest speaker for the American Academy of Audiology and the Florida Academy of Audiology. She has also written articles for local magazines and newspapers including South Florida Parenting Magazine, The Autism Notebook, and The Miami Herald as well as U.S. News and World Report. In addition, Dr.Light authored a chapter in the book, Auditory Processing Disorders: Assessment, Management, and Treatment (Second Edition).





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