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The Brainchild Institute is proud to be a leader in offering the revolutionary Masgutova Method of Neuro-Sensory-Motor Reflex Integration (MNRI®)...

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From 'The Healing Power of Touch' to 'New Autism Treatments' to 'MNRI' and so much more - Learn about timely topics that relate specifically to the needs of your child.

Auditory Processing Disorder

When hearing sensitivity is normal, but a person does not hear normally, we call it an Auditory Processing Disorder..

Building Better Brains

( in children and parents )

Dr. Leah Light is regarded as a cutting-edge Neurodevelopmental Specialist that has an uncanny ability to uncover the true root of the client’s challenge and making recommendations for the mind, body, and entire family dynamic. We offer assessments and interventions not available anywhere else in the tri-county area. We are unique because the assessments we utilize are focused on pinpointing where the root cause of a specific challenge lies. Our focus is not simply to identify a problem, but to uncover its origin in order to assign an effective, targeted intervention. Our goal is to improve functionality overall instead of masking the presenting problems. Unlike other approaches that address only the highest levels of the thinking brain, we use a bottom up approach that mimics the natural course of brain development.

Child Brain Development

Special Programs for
Child Development Needs

I thought I would share a HUGE win with you all as you have been instrumental in Johnny’s (our family’s) journey. Johnny has had struggles since our move to Texas and in his new school. His new school uses Conscious Discipline and has been so willing to work with us and to help Johnny in his new environment. He uses a sensory walk a few times a day and the school has placed safe spaces in many locations for all students to use. We have also been doing his massages and enrolled Johnny in martial arts.

Newborn Care


Interventions are individually tailored based on the child's diagnosis, level of functioning, and personal needs.

Lab Testing

Primary Reflexes

Learn about primary reflexes and how they relate to developmental disorders
such as sensory processing disorder, autism, ADHD and learning disabilities.

Diagnosis and Treatment


Diagnostics are specialized tests our staff is trained to use to determine the best therapeutic modalities and interventions.

Case Studies

At Brainchild Institute, we have had many successful outcomes, several of which stand out and could be considered as 'case studies' in the successful therapy of children's developmental and behavioral disorders. For example...

Is Your Child A Sensory Seeker or Sensory Avoider

The difference between kids who are sensory seekers and those that are sensory avoiders is simply that kids who are the seekers have sensory systems that have a higher threshold before information can be perceived.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Imagine that your skin feels as though it is crawling with bugs every time you put on a pair of pants or experience a clothing tag behind your neck.

ADHD, ADD and The Masgutova Method

ADD/ADHD is a common diagnosis that can be helped directly, overtime via MNRI ( The Masgutova Method ) restorative techniques which can assist in self-regulation and more organized composure.

Child Specialist Appointment

Dr. Leah Light and her caring and passionate staff are here to help your child with state-of-the-art therapies for developmental disorders.


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There is a light in all of this and there is hope and help for families like us. Dr. Light gave us hope and that is why I made sure to learn MNRI techniques so that I can do them at home. She truly saved my son and I will forever be grateful for that. Now, I cannot wait to come back in 6 months to show her and Julie the progress we are making with MNRI.

Our Experienced Team

Dr. Light leads an exceptionally passionate team on a mission to improve listening, attention, and learning skills in children of all ages by addressing the whole child starting at the foundation of their neurodevelopment.

For more information on how we can help better your child please call us today at (954) 987-8887.

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