Auditory Processing Disorders in Adults

Have you ever felt like you hear but have trouble understanding or remembering it all?  Do you shy away from large groups and social situations because it is difficult to hear in all that noise?  Are you so exhausted from listening at the end of the day that you are irritated or just shut down?  You may be one of millions of adults with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).  Auditory processing deals with how your brain handles incoming sounds from both ears and makes sense of them.  Having APD can really put a strain on the rest of your life.  When we mishear or misunderstand what was said, it can be embarrassing and frustrating.  It may affect our work or relationships with others.  The good news is that most APDs can improve with specialized training programs.  Many of these are online and work for adults as well as kids.  First, a hearing test is needed to rule out any hearing loss.  Next, you will need an auditory processing evaluation by a qualified Audiologist, with specialized training in this area.  If you do have APD, the Audiologist will let you know what type of APD you have, which is key in getting the right intervention, since there are a few types.  You may also qualify for special assistance at school and at work.  Stop beating yourself up thinking that you aren’t smart and can’t remember things correctly.  Start taking action to improve your auditory processing skills and get your brain reconnected for better listening.  For more information, contact Dr. Leah Light at the Brainchild Institute at (954)987-8887 or