What Is A Neurodevelopmental Auditory Assessment?

At Brainchild Institute we conduct a Comprehensive Neurodevelopmental Auditory Assessment. This is a very in depth evaluation that paints a detailed picture of a child’s needs. Dr. Leah Light’s goal is to not only pinpoint what the individual’s unique difficulties may be, but even more importantly, where they originate. The assessment includes tympanometry, comprehensive audiometry with speech discrimination, evoked otoacoustic emissions, an auditory processing test battery consisting of several tests, an analysis of the vestibular system, and a primary reflex assessment is also done to rule out any retained primary reflexes. Testing in its entirety takes three hours to complete. The total cost of the evaluation is $1,500 and also includes a Neurodevelopmental Auditory Assessment report which contains all of Dr. Light’s findings and recommendations. The report is then presented to you during a ninety minute parent conference with Dr. Light approximately 2-3 weeks following the evaluation.