Completed Masgutova Method program at Brainchild Institute

I thought I would share a HUGE win with you all as you have been instrumental in Johnny’s (our family’s) journey. Johnny has had struggles since our move to Texas and in his new school. His new school uses Conscious Discipline and has been so willing to work with us and to help Johnny in his new environment. He uses a sensory walk a few times a day and the school has placed safe spaces in many locations for all students to use. We have also been doing his massages and enrolled Johnny in martial arts.

Well- Johnny has not only received all “Yes” on his behavior goals for the last 3 weeks (able to manage his emotion and follow directions within 3 tries) but he has earned 5 Mustang Manners. These are tokens given to kids throughout the day for extraordinary acts of leadership. 5 is a special number (some kids will take all year to earn 5) because when you earn your 5th you get to run to the Principal’s office and have the Principal call home to brag about how amazing you are- today Johnny got to make that call!!

As you can imagine, Johnny is beaming. He is confident and proud. He has friends and is just one of the crowd in the best way possible but ever still “Johnny.”

Thank you for everything we learned and your support even from far way.

– Amy Janeiro

Masgutova Method at Brainchild Institute

Reflecting on all that I’m thankful for this week, it was hard not to think of our time receiving services at the Brainchild Institute. This time last year I contacted Dr. Light’s office in search of therapy for my daughter and it turned out to be one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! After just a few sessions of reflex integration, I immediately noticed some changes in my daughter’s sleep and attention levels. Since her disorder is at the DNA level I was trying to keep my hope in check, when all of a sudden she began to finally walk on her own. At this point she was 4 years old and only 2 weeks into the program. Each week so much would change and my little girl kept blossoming. Not only was the therapy instrumental, but Dr. Light and her staff’s genuine concern for my child’s overall wellbeing was more than I could ever wish for. I am certain that the benefits of this program had, and continue to have, a huge impact on our daughter’s development, even accross her other therapies. Thank you Dr. Light for always asking questions and never giving up on our sweet girl.

– Erick & Genesis Almonte

The MNRI at Brainchild Institute

I am not sure where we would be if we had not travelled from Georgia to Florida to work with Dr. Light and her team. It is a trip we have made three times for a week each of intensive MNRI therapy for our son. It is a trip we will continue to make every few months. MNRI works. It has been the key to unlocking our son. A year ago our son was in crisis. He was not speaking much that could be understood…a word or two here or there at the age of 3.5. The world was painful for him. Loud noises and touch would lead to rocking behaviors and tantrums. He had painful digestive issues. Every situation was stressful for him. Learning how to do MNRI therapy and working the program at home in between visits is helping our son thrive. We have watched not only his speech blossom but also his personality, his creative play, and his sense of humor. He is such a fun kid. We are so grateful for the work that Brainchild Institute does and the Masgustova Method. We are excited about our son’s potential and can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the next year. Short of Dr. Light moving her practice to Atlanta, we could not want anything more from her or her team. We have the support we need as a family to help our son.

Alexis Hammond

MNRI at Brainchild Institute

My seven year old daughter completed an MNRI program at the Brainchild Institute. She has become so much more independent. Her productivity at school has increased, and her social skills have also improved. She is no longer afraid to walk to her classroom alone and feels more secure of herself.

MNRI at Brainchild Institute

I have seen fine motor skills, gross motor and cognitive improvements in my eight year old son after completing an MNRI program at the Brainchild Institute. He understands more and is more aware of his environment. His balance and coordination have become much better. Before he would never tell me if he was cold or hot, after mid-program, he tells me, for example, in the frozen section aisle at the supermarket that he is cold. He can blow his own nose now, and take deep breaths where as before his breathing was fast and shallow.

Ana P.

Interactive Metronome at Brainchild Institute

My six year old, Aspen, did MNRI and Interactive Metronome at Brainchild Institute. She has gone from being a distracted, disinterested student that was supposed to repeat kindergarten, to a happy, engaged 1st grader in the accelerated reading program in less than one year. The Brainchild Institute staff is always understanding, supportive and informative.

Jessica C

Professionalism and Engagememt

Dr. Light and all the staff demonstrate a high level of professionalism and engagememt. They do care about the progress of their patients and will do all in their hands to help them. They are very well organized and easy to work with.

Jose M

Thank you Brainchild!!

My eleven year old boy has become much more assertive and comfortable in his own skin thanks to MNRI. He is playing percussion in a homeschool band, and he has terrific rhythm and reading skills. The interactive metronome therapy we did with you all has made him self regulate appropriately. He is much less anxious too. Thank you Brainchild!!

Thank you so much Dr. Light!

I brought my young daughter Mia to the Brainchild Institute because she was having problems with both her hearing and vision. Dr. Light has been an absolute miracle worker. We thought that Mia was going to develop learning disabilities and that she would have to be put in special classes. But now, after Dr. Light’s care, Mia is a happy, well-adjusted third grader. Which is exactly where she should be! Thank you so much Dr. Light!