Special Needs Support Group for Parents


One of the hardest parts of parenting a child with special needs is the strong sense of isolation that, more often than not, fills our hearts and our thoughts. We feel like we are struggling all by ourselves trying to figure out the “why’s” and the “how’s”, while everyone else is “so different” from us in their “normal” worlds.

When we do come across someone who has similar experiences and truly understands our same plight first-hand, it can be so relieving and empowering – thereby sending the alternative, positive message of “I CAN do this!”

You have heard the old adage “there is strength in numbers”. Well, it is one that certainly rings true!

When we see someone else handling a difficult situation in a way we hadn’t thought of, it helps us to get unstuck and rectify what we feel isn’t working. Or maybe what is needed is a comforting and understanding ear that is just there to listen. Getting feelings out in the open and not feeling judged can be extremely cathartic in the coping process. Or perhaps we are the one who is able to share and provide that comforting support to another in need! With these touch-points, hopefulness and optimism returns to us…and ultimately our family is much better served by our efforts! These are the mutual-aid benefits of a support group, which is deemed as one of the most effective approaches to healing and coping.

If you are looking for support, Brainchild Institute proudly offers this venue to our families on a monthly basis. We host a Parenting Support Group on the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Please contact our office or visit our website for more information.