Brainchild Institute Parent Support

Parenting is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging roles we will ever take on. When we are dealing with the added struggles of a child with different needs, the compounded stresses can leave us feeling quite overwhelmed, confused, and out-of-control. Take heart in the fact that you are not alone! Much can be done to help your child, and your family as a whole, with proper support, guidance, and information.

Here at Brainchild Institute we believe that the health and well-being of the parent is the cornerstone for the success of the child. When the entire family unit is the focus and parents are offered proper support, the outcome is so much more profound! Our team is staffed with individuals from many different backgrounds including child development, behavior modification and counseling psychology who can provide parents with the tools necessary to better manage themselves, their homes and their children. Parent coaching is available as well as parent support groups, and individual/family counseling for caregivers to ensure the victory of the family as a whole. No judgment and no criticism; just help.