MNRI Tactile Integration

MNRI Tactile Integration Course

Brainchild Institute hosted the MNRI Tactile Reflex Integration Course on May 6th and 7th, 2017. Dr. Patty Shackleford, Core Specialist, presented to the 26 parents and professionals in attendance. She educated them on the role tactile integration plays in establishing a foundation for motor, communication and cognitive development, and emotional and behavioral regulation.

The MNRI Tactile Integration Course Overview

The skin, our largest organ, forms the boundary between our physical being and the outside world. It also houses the tactile system, which allows the body to access tactile sensations from the outside world. The skin possesses eleven different tactile receptors to distinguish the broad array of tactile stimuli input encountered by the body. This set of tactile receptors helps to inform and prioritize incoming sensory information for the central nervous system to process. Once processed, the central nervous system directs the body’s actions in response to ever-changing tactile conditions. Here is a link to the comprehensive course description of the Tactile System Integration.