Supportive Counseling

Brainchild Institute knows that the success of the child depends on the health of the entire family unit. Our children’s achievements and challenges do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of a complex system that operates both separately and in conjunction to form a multifaceted whole.

We are proud to offer Supportive Counseling services to all of our families in recognition of this key component for success. Brainchild Institute’s Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Sara Speed provides family supportive counseling services, parent coaching, couples counseling and individual therapy to our adolescent clients and their caregivers.

Areas of focus include depression, anxiety, trauma, gender identity, sexual orientation, self-esteem, divorce and co-parenting, as well as managing behavioral issues. Call the center today to talk to Sara about any mental health questions or concerns you may have for your child or your family.

Our phone number is 954-987-8887.