Integrated Listening Systems

This little one is currently doing the Sensory & Motor Programfrom Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) with us! Effective functioning of our sensory motor system is critical to development of higher cognitive skills. Integrated Listening Systems is beneficial to clients who demonstrate delays or difficulties in any of the following areas: concentration, attention memory, speech, language, written expression, reading comprehension, social communication, behavior, motor skills, processing speed, and sensory processing. Even neurotypical children and adults can make gains using Integrated Listening Systems. The data has shown a huge rise in motivation for learning! The combined elements of iLs – music, movement and language – begin with developing the foundation which allows for body organization. As the body becomes more organized the brain does as well. As organization increases within the brain it becomes able to process information from our environment, sustain attention and learn. The beauty of addressing brain function at this foundational level is that we become mentally and emotionally resilient, and more effective at school and work. Not to mention how much more socially adept we can become. Integrated Listening Systems involves listening to treated music selections that are organized in a specific, sequenced design to achieve overall goals of improved brain function and skill acquisition. The music is delivered through air and bone conduction headphones, which engage both the auditory and vestibular systems. The Sensory & Motor Program makes greater use of lower frequencies to emphasize input to the vestibular system and the body. The progression from one phase to another is gradual and gentle. For more information on iLs and other interventions offered at Brainchild Institute please contact us at 954-987-8887 or visit