Getting To Acceptance With Your Child


How often do you sit back and see the “circle of life” happening right before your eyes? Although it is natural and part of the evolution of human kind…how do we, as a society, get through it? What does that mean, you ask?
A baby is born; the family must accept this tremendous change in their life. A man or woman gets divorced; they must accept this tremendous change in their lives. Someone dies; those close to he/she must accept this tremendous change in their lives. Do you see the pattern? Life is about ACCEPTANCE.

Webster defines the transitive verb accept as: to give admittance or approval to, to endure without protest, etc. This is a courageous act, accepting, one that parents we see each day struggle with. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when faced with the gift of a child with special needs is being able to accept it. These special needs may be as small as not holding a pencil correctly or as complicated as a serious medical diagnosis. There is not a hand-out or manual that tells any of us how to work through these unexpected obstacles in life, but I assure you, there is help.

Once you, as a parent, are able to give yourself the “green light” to accept, you will find a huge tool box filled with vast resources just waiting for you. Yes, my child may have a meltdown at any given moment of any given day. Yes, my child may throw one or multiple things across the room or, maybe, even at me. Yes, I may need to walk out of the grocery store or shopping mall, unexpectedly, because my child could not handle it. I have an agenda for today, but I have to be prepared to abort the agenda if my child has a different plan. I have learned to accept the challenges my child faces each day, but I will never stop teaching him to grow and become a stronger, happier, and more independent person.