Criss Cross Apple Sauce and Child Brain Development

Can your child do crossed knee taps? In our experience, children by age seven years should easily be able to do them.

Crossed knee taps are when you tap your hand to the opposite knee and then switch sides and do the same thing with your other hand touching the opposite knee.

Why is this important? It’s important for brain development. Crossed knee taps help to develop the corpus callosum, a large bridge of brain connections that unites the two sides of the brain. Each side of the brain processes the same information differently. The left side is more involved with language and analyzing fine details. The right side is about synthesizing information together as a whole to get the “big picture”. To have better comprehension and learning, we need the two sides of the brain to communicate with each other; that’s why it is so important to develop the corpus callosum.

Try it for fun with your kids at home. Children under age seven years, or who are developmentally immature, will likely touch the same hand to the same knee (homo-lateral). We try not to say too much to kids when we model crossed knee taps other than “Can you do this?” We want to see what they do automatically. If your child cannot do crossed knee taps, try saying the words “criss-cross-apple-sauce” while moving slowly through the crossed knee tap motions (cross lateral). It will help build your child’s confidence and creativity, too!