BrainwoRx Spring Camp


BrainwoRx Spring Camp, a Brainchild Institute intensive program, was a fabulous reunion of campers, reuniting friendships, reigniting growth and development. The BrainwoRx Team had a master plan in the “woRx” that would take our campers on a creative musical adventure. Although each child’s challenges varied from auditory, visual, and sensory, many of our group activities allowed for individual successes.

Each day we begin with Circuit Training in our outdoor nature park. This includes running, hopscotch, jump rope, and of course, stretching. These tasks challenge us to balance, differentiate left and right, practice timing, and make sure our brains and bodies are awake.

After replenishing our fluids and having a snack, we move into specific 1-on-1 interventions. Dr. Light customizes each child’s program to fit his/her needs. We believe combining programs and addressing more than one area of development simultaneously allows for the most success. It’s like interval training for the brain. This includes MNRI (MasgutovaNeurosensorimotor Reflex Integration), PACE, Interactive Metronome, and Bal-A-Vis-X, just to name a few.

Our Arts & Crafts program utilized our creative right brains while challenging each individual to look, listen, see, and touch. Our senses helped us to create an entire musical instrument collection. Using mostly recycled items also made for a lesson about the environment. Each camper made a guitar, drum, set of maracas, castanets, kazoos, and a flute.

Afternoon activities revisit 1-on-1 interventions focusing on each camper’s customized plan.
The conclusion of each day combines auditory processing with music and movement. These play a huge roll in brain development. We watch confidence build by allowing each camper to touch different instruments, feel vibrations, hear sounds, and see the reactions on friends’ faces.

We take turns leading the group and waiting for our turn with patience and respect. Having patience is a tremendous challenge for so many of our children. Music and movement allow for creative and playful lessons like “How does this song make you feel?” “Show us how you can move with the beat.”

Our team at Brainchild Institute has been awestruck time and time again, as we watch campers’ growth and development in just one short week of intensive camp.