FAQs About Hearing Aids

For the majority of people hearing loss is gradual and you may be the last to notice that you are experiencing communication difficulties. Individuals with hearing loss frequently report that they can hear, but cannot understand what a person is saying or that they are experiencing increased difficulty in background noise. The best way to find out if it is the right time for you to consider hearing aids, is to schedule an appointment with your audiologist. The audiologist can then guide you in deciding if now is the right time for you to pursue amplification.

The style of hearing aids is determined by your hearing loss, personal communication needs, and cosmetic expectations. Recently, consumer reports put out a statement recommending that you purchase a hearing aid with digital technology, a feedback canceling system, and directional microphones. To find out which device is best for you, schedule an appointment with your audiologist.

The cost of hearing aids ranges depending on the level of device sophistication, which is determined by the level of hearing loss and communication needs. Contact your audiologist for more detailed pricing information.

When you are experiencing an equal amount of hearing loss in both ears it can be expected that a recommendation for two hearing aids will be made. Just as it is important to receive information from both eyes, the same holds true for the ears. For example, if you were experiencing a loss of vision in both eyes you would not think of only improving your vision in one eye.

Unfortunately Medicare does not currently provide coverage for hearing aids. If you have a private insurance company hearing aid coverage varies and a simple call to your provider can provide information specific to your insurance plan.